Tourist Places in Unnao

The famous Tourist Places in Unnao includes Shahid Chandra Shekhar Azad Bird Sanctuary, Shiv Temple and Sports Stadium.

About Unnao, Uttar Pradesh

  • Geographical Location: Unnao is a district located in the northern part of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • District Headquarters: The district is headquartered in the city of Unnao.
  • Proximity to Lucknow: Unnao is situated approximately 18 kilometers from Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Historical Significance: Unnao has historical importance and is home to various ancient monuments, including the Bhitargaon Temple, known for its architectural and archaeological significance.
  • Economic Activities: The district’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, with crops like wheat, rice, and sugarcane being major contributors.
  • Industrial Presence: Unnao has industrial areas that contribute to the economic development of the region. It houses various small and medium-sized industries.
  • Educational Hub: Unnao is home to educational institutions that cater to the academic needs of the local population, contributing to the overall educational infrastructure of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Transportation: The district is well-connected by road and rail. National Highway 27 passes through Unnao, providing connectivity to major cities.
  • Cultural Heritage: Unnao has a rich cultural heritage, reflected in its festivals, traditions, and local art forms.
  • Tourist Attractions: Apart from historical sites, Unnao boasts natural attractions such as rivers and parks, making it a potential destination for tourists.
  • Administrative Divisions: The district is divided into tehsils and blocks for administrative purposes.
  • Religious Sites: Unnao is home to various temples and religious sites that hold significance for the local population.
  • Challenges: Like many regions, Unnao faces challenges related to infrastructure development, healthcare, and education that are areas of focus for local authorities.
  • Civic Amenities: Efforts are made to improve civic amenities such as water supply, sanitation, and electricity in both urban and rural areas of Unnao.
  • Cultural Festivals: The district celebrates various cultural festivals with enthusiasm, showcasing the vibrant traditions and customs of the local community.

How to Reach

By Bus

The national highway connecting Unnao is National Highway 27 (NH 27). It runs from Porbandar in Gujarat to Silchar in Assam, traversing through several states including Uttar Pradesh, where Unnao is located.

By Train

The primary train station serving Unnao is the “Unnao Junction” railway station. It is an important junction on the Northern Railway network of India and facilitates train connections to various destinations across the country.

By Air

The nearest airport connecting Unnao is the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport (IATA: LKO) located in Amausi, Lucknow. It is approximately 50 kilometers away from Unnao city.

Tourist Places in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh

Shahid Chandra Shekhar Azad Bird Sanctuary

  • Location: Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, renamed Shahid Chandra Shekhar Azad Bird Sanctuary in 2015, is situated in the Unnao district on the Kanpur-Lucknow highway in Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • Natural Setting: The sanctuary comprises a lake and the surrounding environment, creating a diverse ecosystem conducive to birdlife.
  • Renaming: The sanctuary was renamed in honor of Shahid Chandra Shekhar Azad in 2015, reflecting its historical and cultural significance.
  • Wetland Ecosystem: Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is part of the wetlands of Northern India, contributing to the rich biodiversity of the region.
  • Migratory Birds: The sanctuary serves as a haven for approximately 250 species of migratory birds, predominantly from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) or formerly the USSR.
  • Changes Over Time: The numbers of migratory birds have witnessed a decline since the 1990s, with many relocating to newer areas in states like Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan.
  • Facilities: Apart from bird watching, the sanctuary offers additional attractions such as a deer park, watchtowers for better observation, and boats for a closer exploration of the lake.
  • Conservation Efforts: The sanctuary plays a crucial role in the conservation of avian species, contributing to the broader efforts to protect the natural heritage of Northern India.
  • Tourist Destination: Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers, providing an opportunity to witness diverse bird species in their natural habitat.
  • Environmental Awareness: The sanctuary promotes awareness about the importance of preserving wetlands and protecting the habitats of migratory birds.

Shiv Temple

  • Tourist Attraction: Shivji ka Mandir, also known as Mahadev Temple, is a popular tourist destination in Unnao, drawing devotees of Lord Mahadev or Lord Shiva.
  • Historical Significance: The temple has a rich history, being constructed over a century ago, showcasing the cultural and religious heritage of the region.
  • Unique Architecture: Mahadev Temple boasts unique and intricate carvings in its infrastructure, adding to its architectural appeal. The walls of the temple are particularly notable for their beautiful construction.
  • Location: Situated near the Moti Nagar area, the temple is conveniently located approximately eight to ten kilometers from Unnao Junction railway station.
  • Transportation Options: Visitors can easily reach the temple by catching a local bus or hiring a rickshaw from the Unnao Junction railway station.
  • Travel Time: The journey to the temple takes about fifteen minutes from the railway station, providing a quick and accessible pilgrimage site for devotees.
  • Spiritual Significance: As a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, it holds religious significance for those seeking spiritual experiences and blessings.
  • Cultural Heritage: Shivji ka Mandir is a representation of the cultural and religious diversity in Unnao, contributing to the area’s cultural identity.
  • Local Amenities: The surrounding area may offer additional amenities and services for tourists, making the visit to the temple a convenient and enriching experience.
  • Community Connection: The temple likely plays a role in fostering a sense of community among devotees who gather for religious ceremonies and events.

Sports Stadium

  1. Name and Location: Identify the specific sports stadium in Unnao and its location within the district.
  2. Sports Facilities: Describe the types of sports facilities available in the stadium, such as cricket grounds, football fields, athletic tracks, etc.
  3. Capacity: Mention the seating capacity of the stadium, indicating how many spectators it can accommodate during events.
  4. Events Hosted: Highlight any significant sports events, tournaments, or matches that the stadium has hosted in the past or is regularly hosting.
  5. Infrastructure: Provide information about the overall infrastructure of the stadium, including pavilions, changing rooms, media facilities, etc.
  6. Maintenance and Upgrades: Mention any recent maintenance or upgrades that the stadium has undergone to enhance its facilities.
  7. Local and Regional Significance: Discuss the role of the stadium within the local community and its significance in the broader region for sports enthusiasts.
  8. Accessibility: Describe the accessibility of the stadium, including transportation options and amenities for spectators.
  9. Future Plans: If available, mention any plans or proposals for the future development or expansion of the sports stadium.
  10. Local Teams: If the stadium is associated with any local sports teams or clubs, provide information about them.

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