Tourist Places in Bihar

Tourist Places in Sitamarhi

The famous Tourist Places in Sitamarhi, Bihar include Panth Pakar, Haleshwar Sthan, Janki Mandir and Bagahi Math. About Sitamarhi, Bihar How to reach Sitamarhi, Bihar By Bus: Sitamarhi is well-connected by road, and you can find buses from nearby cities and towns. To reach Sitamarhi by bus: By Train: The nearest railway station to Sitamarhi is […]

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Tourist Places in Vaishali

The famous Tourist Places in Vaishali, Bihar include Ashoka Pillar, Shanti Stupa, Archaeological Museum. About Vaishali, Bihar How to Reach Vaishali, Bihar By Bus: Vaishali boasts a well-connected road network, facilitating easy access to key cities in Bihar. Notably, Patna (55 km) and Muzaffarpur (37 km) serve as pivotal hubs, offering connections to the entire country.

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Tourist Places in Siwan

The famous Tourist Places in Siwan, Bihar include Sohagra Dham, Mahendra Nath Temple, Zeeradei and Mairwa Dham. About Siwan, Bihar How to Reach Siwan, Bihar By Bus: Siwan is seamlessly connected to major cities in Bihar through an extensive road network. The most convenient mode of transportation within the city is the local bus service offered

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Tourist Places in Supaul

The famous Tourist Places in Supaul, Bihar include Koshi Barrage,Birpur, Triveni Sangam and Biasi Kali Temple. About Supaul, Bihar How to Reach Supaul, Bihar By Bus: By Air: By Rail: Tourist Places in Supaul, Bihar Koshi Barrage,Birpur Triveni Sangam Biasi Kali Temple

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Tourist Places in Saran

The famous Tourist Places in Saran, Bihar include Chirand, Silhauri, Gautam Asthan, Aami Temple, Dhorh Ashram and Sonepur. About Saran, Bihar How to Reach Saran (Chapra), Bihar By Bus Regular bus services to Chapra are readily accessible from the capital city of Patna, situated approximately 70 kilometers away. These buses are primarily operated by either the

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Tourist Places in Sheikhpura

The famous Tourist Places in Sheikhpura, Bihar include Sri Vishnu Dham, Barbigha, Jal Mandir, Girihinda Pahar and Sheikh shoiab rahmatullalley Dargah in yahiapur. About Sheikhpura, Bihar How to Reach Sheikhpura, Bihar By Road You can travel from Gaya, Lakhisarai, or Patna to Bihar Sharif by either train or bus. From Bihar Sharif, you can conveniently hire

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Tourist Places in Sheohar

The famous Tourist Places in Sheohar, Bihar include Dekuli Shiv Mandir, Thiru Aadeshwar Temple, Chandradhari Museum, Ghaghara River, Sheohar Fort, and Gandhi Maidan. About Sheohar, Bihar How to Reach Sheohar, Bihar By Bus: By Train: By Air: Tourist Places in Sheohar, Bihar Dekuli Shiv Mandir

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Tourist Places in Samastipur

The famous Tourist Places in Samastipur, Bihar include Collectorate Samastipur, Samastipur Station, Lal Kothi, Niranjan Sthan Dhamon, Khatu Shyam Temple, Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa, Thaneshwar Temple, Jama Masjid, Jageshwar Dham, Kevas Nizamat and Jatmalpur Shiv Parvati Temple. About Samastipur, Bihar How to Reach Samastipur, Bihar By Bus: By Train: By Air: Tourist Places in Samastipur, Bihar

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Tourist Places in Saharsa

The famous Tourist Places in Saharsa, Bihar include Sant Karu Khirhari Temple, Mahpura, Surya Mandir, Kandaha, and Shri Ugratara Sthan, Mahishi. About Saharsa, Bihar How to Reach Saharsa, Bihar By Bus: Saharsa is well-connected to other major cities in the country through regular bus services. The main bus station in Saharsa serves as a crucial transportation

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Tourist Places in Rohtas

The famous Tourist Places in Rohtas, Bihar include Bandu shivling, Gurudwara Chacha Phagumal, Gurudwara Taksal Sanghat, Gupta Dham, Megalithic Tombs, Dhoop Ghadi, Chaurasan Temple, Karamchat Dam and Dhuwan Kund. About Rohtas, Bihar 1. Historical Fort Rohtas is known for the Rohtas Fort, a historical monument built during the 16th century by the Afghan ruler Sher Shah

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